Introduction :O

4 December 2023 2:11 am >:-)

Blogs used to be a thing more than they are now. I know about all the web revival stuff. That strait up where we are. AH! It doesent matter what matters is that you are reading this and i am now expecting you to read every future entry to be added to this place when ot arrives. I was looking for stupid silly gifs to send my friend and add to my library as you do. On the crime ridden site of gifcities and i used the key term furry. I found this gif:

This linked me to a semi lost wayback machine rant entry by someone named mimi.They where just going back to school and going to a few concerts in 2009. I wondered who mimi was and how they where now or if they even where at all. I connected with their silly writing and i felt i knew them. Soooo thats what im going to start doing here. A rant page thing! Very cool me, thank you me :3.

So count this as introductory rant number one! You are now indoctrinated. <3