Entry 6

23th February 2024 10:55 pm

I have been crippled by my education demanding effort from me. I imagine I feel just like those before me and those approaching where I am. I'm pretty much ready to do nothing. ever again. I have been working on a game concept bit by bit and have been really looking more into Metal slug cos i love the art in those games but my confidence in pixel art (like sprite art) is practically non-existent, i have done recolours before but never constructing my own really. whatever.

I played and finished Portal for the first time today and it was awesome. I knew all the soundtrack but it was different actually really playing it. I hate to say i didn't really connect with the companion cube at all, instead my only friend was the radios and ratman. Very much recommend

tmr i'm going to see a friend I haven't seen in a long time and I'm looking forward to seeing him. I hope it's not too awkward and goes well.

(i am pissed about discords file hosting breaking holy shit why i'm just glad my site is itty bitty compared to a bunch out there, good luck to those people running them.)